Parent App Features

Notifications & Newsletters

All club news and updates in one place!

Junk mail means many parents miss important club messages or tournament opportunities. With a dedication section for notifications, newsletters and sporting competitions all in one place you will never miss an update. It is also possible to view teams, competition schedules, scores and download application forms all from one spot. 

My Classes & Calendar

Connect2Coach calendar allows you to easily see all class options for your children, schedule classes with their favourite coaches, send in class messages, review each child’s personalised calendar and track their progress overtime and more! 

Easy class booking on the go!

Parents can book classes for themselves or their children on the go with one click!
Parents can book a lesson, holiday clinic or enrol in your club competition, select their favourite coach on the go in the app! Once they are approved by the club admin they are in, it is that easy.

Online Payments

With Connect2Coach app, parents can track and pay invoices on the go with all family member invoices in one place. 

The status of each invoice is visible instantly removing the worry of  wondering whether an invoice has been paid and transparency of all charges.

In App Messaging

In app messaging feature allows parents to send a message directly to their coach or group, to notify coach if they running late or can no longer make the class. 

Video Library

Seeing improvements can be hard in day to day classes but with a personalised video library that can go back as long as 2 years, parents are able to see how their child is improving over time. Personalised video analysis is also available and allows parents and children to review their feedback post lessons and reflect on coaches comments, feedback and recommendations, ensuring maximum value from all lessons. 


Parents will keep up to date with all competitions, can view teams, schedules, scores, download attachments.