Coach App Features

Coaches will love the ability to quickly manage classes and communicate with their students via the app. All important information that coaches need are handy in their profile.

Coaches will love the features such as attendance marking, students look up and messaging on the spot without leaving the court.
For more advanced coaches there is a video analysis feature where coaches can create videos and upload them straight to their student profiles with comments for future reference.

Attendance Marking

Coaches will love the convenience of marking class attendance quickly on the spot without needing to leave the court or marking attendance at the end of the day.

Student Contact List

Not always coaches have access to all students they teach but with contact search function, coaches can quickly find students, look up profiles to call, write an email or check a medical condition.


Message your class or individual for short notice changes such as cancelations due to wet weather or class change.

Student Video Analysis

Coaches will take their coaching to the next level with built in video analysis feature. Create videos of class or quick video stroke analysis and upload, provide feedback of all videos straight to your student profile. 

Students then can review and analyse videos with provided coaches analysis.This feature helps coaches to strengthen the relationship between them and students. With video library students and parents can see the progress overtime. 

Video analysis and video library is a powerful feature for both coaches and their students.